Before You Build Your Website


You are not entirely sure whether to go and build a website for your business. You are not even sure whether it is the right thing to do. This eBook clarifies all your doubts and leads you to 100% clarity on websites, hiring the right web designer, and what steps to take before hiring any website designer.

Its 18 short pages of practical honest information you can absolutely bank on from a veteran website designer.


Before You Build Your Website is a short eBook filled with practical step-by-step information that guides to you a correct decision about websites, whether you need them at this stage of your business, or how to go about hiring a web designer if indeed you need a website for your business.

  • Learn all about alternatives to websites
  • Learn about the Total Cost of Ownership
  • Learn about domain names and hosting services and where to buy them from
  • Learn about the best platforms for building websites
  • Insist your web designer uses a modern framework to build your website

This eBook is simply an informational pack that can help you prevent headaches in the future.