Grow Your Busines with FlyMyAds

  • You have been dreaming of growing your small business with Social Media Platforms.
  • You are a baker, a makeup artist, a writer, a nutritionist, a school owner, a lawyer, a clinical therapist, a fashion designer, a mini importer, a realtor, a network marketer, and everything in between.
  • You have created all the relevant social media pages for your business. 
  • You have been posting different types of content, but everybody just seems to be ignoring your business.
  • You have tried to learn what makes good content, it all seems so very hard.
  • You have hired some digital marketing guys and babes, they promised to help manage your page but it still ended in tears.
  • You have tried to figure out Facebook and Instagram Ads and you got blocked, or you ran the ads and not one single person bought your products, or your payment was not approved.
  • You are frustrated and almost giving up.

But you found this link and you got here!!! 

It all gets better from here on...

Running a business is hard enough. If you don’t know how to use digital platforms effectively, business will become even harder.
You feel that you are old school, and that digital platforms are hard to understand.
You have no clue what good content is, or how to create good and engaging content.
You never really paid attention to social media until Corona came along and now, it seems social media platforms is the only solution to these business problems.
You have done all the follow for follow on Instagram and nothing came out of it. 
You manage all the business operations by yourself. Adding social media to your work just wont work.
You know that your business offerings are very good, you just don’t know why people are not buying from you.

Well, welcome to

The Coaching Program tailored to guide your business from where it is, to where you want it to be.

  • Grow Your Business with FlyMyAds is a 3-Day Coaching Program (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) power-packed with all the ingredients you need for business success.
  • The Coaching program also includes weekly check-in on Zoom for additional 3 weeks after the program. That’s a total of 1-month direct interaction with your business.
  • All participants will leave the program with their own Personalized Growth Plan, tailored specifically for their business


Who am I and why am I able to do this?

I started running a business right from university days where I studied Microbiology. I knew right from my second year at the university that I was not going to be a practicing microbiologist. I loved art, and I still do. I started running a business in my second year where I would sell artworks to my classmates. Greetings cards, customized t-shirts, portrait sketches in pencil, and in colour, etc. I learned how to win money from my classmates by giving them what they wanted, not what I thought they wanted!

I served my NYSC in Plateau State where I opened up a makeshift internet cafe. It consisted of my table, chair and umbrella, my laptop, my Nokia N72 as a modem, and the business shop across the street as my printer. I was helping SS3 students check their WAEC and NECO results at N1,000 per person. You can imagine how much money I made from that little venture.
I passed out of NYSC and decided to go fully into the world of web and digital. This was 2009. I teamed up with a friend and we learned web design. Those days were hard. We learned HTML and CSS and used Macromedia Dreamweaver. Then I found WordPress and web design became easier. I spent many nights searching the internet for resources and learning how to build better websites with WordPress. I remember the very first website we built. We were paid N60,000. And we were only still learning how to build websites. Opportunity finds those who are prepared and takes them along.
Today, more than a decade later, more than 100 websites built and deployed, I have grown a thriving digital services business offering all sorts of digital solutions to both small and large organizations.
Digital Marketing was a natural next step from web design. Our clients needed a way to sell, and we offered them digital marketing services. I delved into the depths of Facebook and understood how it worked. There was no Instagram at the time. It was simply Facebook And Twitter. In 2011, we went ahead and built an advertising engine and called it FlyMyAds. FlyMyAds was a self-service advertising engine where you would upload your adverts and your adverts would show up on many websites who were our partners.
We advertised for Samsung Electronics West Africa, we advertised for Lagos Business School, we advertised for numerous small business owners. We were really helping businesses use digital platforms for business advantage. We learned very deeply the tactics that worked and the tactics that didn’t work. Digital tools and knowledge are a very important part of business, but digital is not the only ingredient needed for success in business.
In 2015, I had the opportunity to attend the Enterprise Development Center (EDC) of the Pan-Atlantic University, popularly known as Lagos Business School. It completely changed my life, and my business took a very positive turn. When all is said and done, the difference between a failing business and a succeeding business is simply the type of information each business has access to and how they apply the information they have access to.
If the information is bad, or not complete, implementation can only lead to similar results. If the information if good, implementation will more likely lead somewhere good.
Many of us only knew how to run a business from trial and error, or from what we learned from our immediate environment. This is why you have been getting the same results over and over again. From today, we shall put an end to that non-productive vicious cycle.
I stand before you today, not only with all my digital marketing accolades which you will see down below but also as a SMEDAN Certified Business Development Professional (BDSP), offering you Business Advisory, Access to Markets, and Access to Finance all in one package.

What will you learn?

A Date with your business

  • Do you have a hobby or do you have a business?
  • What’s your business and why does it exist?
  • What value exactly do you bring to the market?
  • Who is going to benefit from this value?
  • Do you have customer segments? How many?
  • How do you identify each segment?
  • How do you identify their geographic location or their social locations

Organic Growth – Cash in on your Content 

Now you know your business! Now you know your customers! Now you know where to find them! Now, how do you talk to them in a way that makes them buy?
  • What do you say to your potential customers to turn them into customers?
  • How do you say it to them in meaningful ways? 
  • What tools/content format do you use in saying it to them?
  • How do you gain trust online using your content? 
  • How do you measure the effectiveness of your content?
  • When you gain new customers, how do you retain them?

If you must advertise, do it right! 

Now you know what type of content works best! Now you are feeling more confident about your business! It’s time to try out some advertising, reaching out to the multitudes out there!
  • Identifying your most important message per audience
  • Identifying your most effective content format
  • Advertising budget and duration
  • Start small, grow outwards
  • Measure. Rinse. Repeat.
  • By the end of the program, you would have learned deeply about your business and what can make you stand out in the market.
  • You would have learned deeply about your customer segments. The customer segments you should focus on and the ones you should ignore.
  • You would have learned about how to create effective content for your business on social media. It’s actually easier than you think.
  • Each participant must cash in on at least one piece of content. It is up to you how bad you want to grow your business. 




Oluwagbenga Adebayo

Mrs Basmallah Ibrahim
Integrative Therapist / Halbar Botanicals / Lagos, Nigeria

Muyiwa Adedoyin
Web Designer, Digital Marketing Strategist / Ibadan, Nigeria

Julianne Onahi Olorunleke

Esther Emmanuel

Ighovotueko Sophia
Business Owner / Warri, Nigeria

Ayodeji Agboola, CEO, FlyMyAds

About Instructor

Ayodeji is a certified digital marketing professional with both Facebook and Google. With Facebook, he is also a Certified Lead Trainer, (one of 21 such Certified Trainers in Nigeria), a Certified Digital Marketing Associate, and a Certified Media Planning & Media Buying Professional. 

Ayodeji has 10 years’ experience in digital marketing. This digital marketing training helps business owners navigate the complex online world with proven practical methods and innovations.

Ayodeji is also an alumnus of the Enterprise Development Centre, Pan Atlantic University and thus often teaches beyond digital marketing.

Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional

Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional

Facebook Blueprint Trainer Network - Lead Trainer

Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate

Facebook Certified Creative Strategy Professional

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October 5 - 9, 2020.
10AM Daily

Target Businesses

This Coaching Program is targeted at business owners who really want to grow their businesses.

You must be driven and willing to do the work.

You must be willing to turn all your creativity into well-deserved cash and revenue for your business.

You must be thoroughly dissatisfied with the current rate of growth of your business at the moment.

You must be willing to take simple practical steps on your business on a daily basis.

If you fit this description:



This is the only time that this Coaching Program will be sold as low as this.

Deadline till this Price Offer Expires:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I take attend this coaching program on my phone?
Yes, make sure you install the Zoom App on your phone. All Coaching sessions will hold on Zoom. You can also join the coaching sessions on your computer using the Zoom app for your computer

2. How can I prepare for the coaching session?
Your Pen and notebook. A willingness to to unlearn unproductive habits and practices, a can-do mindset. If you are the type that says you are not a techie, do away with that excuse before the class.

3. If i enroll, will replays of the coaching program be made available to me?

Yes, the replays will be made available on our online school where you can watch it over and over again. 

4. Can I book a one-on-one session with you?
Yes, you can book a consultative session with me right away for N7,500/hour

5. Can I refer other people to this program?
Indeed you can. 



Don’t miss this opportunity. I wouldn’t know how else to help you. 

Do you want a one-on-one consultation right away?

Gain clarity on how to structure your business, your product lines, and the target audiences for each product, how to communicate your potential customers in a way that would make them trust you and ultimately make them your customers. Start improving your sales with the simple strategies I will teach you.