Facebook Ads Mastery

Facebook Advertising is one of the most essential skill to learn in the world of today. With Facebook Advertising, you can get your products and services to hundreds of thousands of people while sitting in front of your computer.

You have probably tried hiring a digital marketing guru in the past, but somehow, it didn’t work out, you were not getting any results, and you eventually had to end the contract with your digital marketing guru. You are not the only business going through this, but you can start to take control of your business by learning all about digital marketing, specifically, Facebook Advertising.

As a certified digital marketing professional of over 9 years, I have tried so many different tactics. I know what works and what doesn’t. This is your chance to learn from me the most effective way to grow your sales using Facebook Advertising!

What are you going to do with the current COVID-19 lock down situation? What skills do you think will be in high demand when the whole COVID-19 Situation blows over? You guessed right: Digital Marketing, Web Design, Social Media Management, all digital skills will be in high demand

Ayodeji Agboola, CEO, FlyMyAds

About Instructor

Ayodeji is a certified digital marketing professional with both Facebook and Google. With Facebook, he is also a Certified Lead Trainer, (one of 21 such Certified Trainers in Nigeria), a Certified Digital Marketing Associate, and a Certified Media Planning & Media Buying Professional. 

Ayodeji has 10 years’ experience in digital marketing. This digital marketing training helps business owners navigate the complex online world with proven practical methods and innovations.

Ayodeji is also an alumnus of the Enterprise Development Centre, Pan Atlantic University and thus often teaches beyond digital marketing.

Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional

Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional

Facebook Blueprint Trainer Network - Lead Trainer

Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate

Facebook Certified Creative Strategy Professional


  • Learn why your ads have not been converting and how to correct that
  • The message, the audience, the timing.
  • Learn the rudiments of boosting your posts to a larger audience on Facebook and Instagram
  • Facebook Advertising using Facebook Ads Manager on your computer
  • Understanding measurements on the web – Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics
  • Advertising Strategy
    • Why your Adverts don’t convert
    • The Message, The Audience, The Timing
  • Creativity Tools
    • Facebook Creator Studio
    • Other creativity tools
  • Audiences
    • Core Audiences
    • Custom Audiences
    • Lookalike Audiences
    • Audience Insights
  • Advertising With Facebook
    • Advertising Policies
    • Strategies for Advertising
    • Boosting posts on Facebook
    • Promoting posts on Instagram
    • Facebook Pixel and Facebook SDK
    • Facebook Ads with Ads Manager
  • Measurements
    • Measure what matters
    • Facebook Pixels, Google Analytics
    • Make better ads

Target Students

The Facebook Ads Mastery Course is for anybody who wants to learn all about Facebook Advertising. It is targeted at both business owners and aspiring career digital marketers.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I take this course on my phone?

2. Can I implement everything I learn in this course on my phone?
Some of what you will learn can be implemented on your phone, however, this is an advanced class, a computer is highly required. 

3. What is the nature of the course?

This is an online course, you will be given access to the course once you complete your registration. This means you can log in at any time and continue taking the course.

4. When does the class start?
Your class starts whenever you complete your registration.
You can take it from home and at your own pace.

Does this course come with a certificate?
Yes, this course comes with 1 Certificate