Business Intelligence

123 students

Course Description

The Business Intelligence course is targeted at helping you avoid wrong mindsets that have kept you from growing your business. Nothing good can grow from a wrong mindset, the quicker you identify these wrong mindsets and drop them, the quicker your business can grow

Learn all about other forms of capital asides money, Learn about building relationships before you need them. Making money and building a business are two different things, learn and apply the difference.

Learn about simple tools you can apply to your business, giving you clarity on problem areas and areas of strength. Learn about arranging your finances properly and finally be a part of our regular online business hangout.

Learning Outcomes

  • Over 2 hours of business education!
  • Available as Video or Audio. Watch the videos or listen on the go. Learn with your preferred format.
  • Identify the habits that keep you back and apply practical changes.
  • Bust all the popular business myths
  • Learn how to look at your business from a vantage point using simple tools
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