Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence course is targeted at helping you understand the core concepts of business and how to start one successfully. The course also helps you understand the popular myths about business and where they come from and how to separate facts from opinion.

Learn how to spot opportunities, how to test and validate your ideas, how to utilize lean resources to achieve your goals, Understand the different types of capital easily available to you, how to plan for business growth and how to focus on what matters.

  • Over 1 hour of business education!
  • Learn how to separate opinion from fact
  • Bust all the popular business myths
  • Learn how to look at your business from a vantage point
  • Business Intelligence
    • What Entrepreneurship is not!
    • Ideas are one naira a dozen
    • Validating your ideas
    • Business Model Canvas
    • Market entry
    • Digital Tools for your business