FlyMyAds Academy

Learn why your ads are not working, learn the correct way to use Instagram hashtags, learn how to create attractive content for your business and many more tips for success. 

Website Design With WordPress

Learn Website design using the most popular web design software on the internet. From simple websites to news style websites to ecommerce websites. Start building websites for businesses around you.

This course is for the absolute beginner. You do not need to have any prior knowledge in web design or related fields. The course takes you through starting from the very beginning.

Digital Marketing

Learn all about marketing digitally in the 21st century. Understand digital platforms, their characteristics, and how they can greatly improve your business. Start a career in social media management and digital marketing.

Business owners, career digital marketers, Traditional marketing executives, career changers, IT Managers and basically anyone who would like to learn bow to market digitally.

Business Intelligence

Understand the core principles of business, dispel common myths and misconceptions about business, learn about other forms of capital you have been overlooking. Swot analysis, Business Model Canvas, Plan a lean market entry.

Entrepreneurs and Career people who want to start a business the right way. Remove the unnecessary walls you use in preventing your own success and start growing your business immediately with practical methods.

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